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Welcome to, a site dedicated to an innovative Firefox toolbar to help you find your next home.

Screen shot of property-bee in action

What is it?

The property-bee toolbar is an add-on for the popular Firefox web browser.

What does it do?

When you view a property listing on a site like, the toolbar will show the changes to the price and details since the property was listed.

Also if you "join the bee", you will be able to see historical information found by other users.

Why does this help me?

This means you have a complete history of;

  • When the property was put on the market
  • Price changes (up and down) since the property was listed
  • Whether the property has gone STC and come back onto the market
  • Any changes to the details since the property was listed

Very useful information when negotiating, or checking up on what the Estate Agent says!

Which sites does property-bee work with?


This sounds great, but I don't have Firefox installed

You don't need to ditch your favourite Web browser, Firefox can be installed along side your existing Web browser (you can even use both at the same time).

Firefox is available for Windows, Linux and Macs, plus there are lots of other useful add-ons available.

See our step by step guide to installing Firefox.

How do I get the toolbar?

See our step by step guide to installing the Property Bee toolbar, which contains full instructions and screen shots.

Dear Customers,

Unfortunately it is no longer viable to provide any further technical support for propertybee.We now show price reductions against all properties for sale on the website.

You do not need to install any software to use this, simply visit

Many thanks,

The Nethouseprices team

How to troubleshoot Property-Bee

  • 1. Uninstall Property-Bee (FAQs)
  • 2. Make sure you are using Firefox version 56 (FAQs)
  • 3. Re-install Property-Bee