Property Bee FAQs

Q - I've registered. What do I do now?
A - Make sure you are using the latest Property Bee toolbar, visit using Firefox and REMEMBER to login (There should be a login button in the top right of the Firefox browser). Property-bee gathered data will be shown on rightmove's listing page under every property description and property details page (if available).

Q - Propertybee isn't working
A - Please try any of the following:

  • Since version 57 Firefox does not support legacy extensions anymore. Please make sure you are using Firefox version 56. You can downgrade your browser version by downloading offline installer from this link: (you will need to turn off automatic updates before installation) or you can download portable version of Firefox from this link: 32 bit/64 bit
  • Are you using the latest version of Propertybee? Make sure you are downloading the latest version. Click here.
  • Turn off the firefox antivirus extension (it might be blocking Property-bee toolbar).
  • Refresh Firefox. Even when you remove the extension some data will still remain in browser. To refresh Firefox follow this instruction:
If this still fails please do following steps:
  • Open "about:support" page in FireFox (copy "about:support" into address bar and press enter).
  • Click on "Copy text to clipboard" button.
  • Open notepad.
  • Paste there the text you just copied.
  • Save file.
  • Send this file to with your login and description of your issue (it is also advised to attach a screenshot, whenever possible)

Q - I've registered but didn't get the activation email
A - We no longer send these. You should be able to start to use Property Bee straight away.

Q - I've changed email address
A - Please provide your username, email address originally registered with and new email address and we'll update your details

Q - I've forgotten my password
A - You can get your password resent to you by going to this link

Q - Property Bee only shows information from the date I installed it
A - To see property information from before you installed Property Bee you need to register. To do this please select 'Wizards' the 'Register to work in a bee' and follow the instructions. If you have already registered, then please check that under 'Options' 'Work in a bee' is ticked.

Q - I'm only seeing property history on a property from today
A - The history on properties relies on what properties users look at. Every time a property is looked at this creates a record which is time stamped on that day. If the property in question hasn't been looked at before and you are the first to look at it today then the history is captured today only.

Q - The property has changed in price a few times but its only showing some of the price change history
A - The history on properties relies on what properties users look at. Every time a property is looked at this creates a record which is time stamped on that day.

If the property is looked at for example twice over a 3 month period and the property has changed prices 3 times in that space of time, then there is a chance only 2 of the 3 price changes will be captured.

Q - It won't work on an iPad or mobile
A - Unfortunately propertybee doesn't support extensions and only works with desktop version of Firefox.

Q - How do I uninstall Property Bee?
A - To uninstall Property Bee from your PC, please follow the instructions below.

The PB add-on can be uninstalled in the same way as any other Firefox add-on, namely:

*On the Firefox main menu select 'Tools' then 'Add-ons'.
*A new tab will appear, on the left hand side select 'Extensions' to show which add-ons Firefox has installed.
*Find the entry for 'PB' and click on the 'Remove' button.
You will need to restart Firefox to complete the uninstall process.

Please note that the data files that the PB add-on creates are not removed during the above uninstall, and can be removed manually as follows:

*On the Firefox main menu select 'Help' then 'Troubleshooting Information'.
*A new tab will appear, and under the section called 'Application Basics' click on the 'Open Containing Folder' button.
*A File Explorer window will open, showing you a list of files associated with your Firefox.
*You can safely delete any file that starts with 'Property-Bee', you should not delete any other files as this may effect how Firefox works.

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Dear Customers,

Unfortunately it is no longer viable to provide any further technical support for propertybee.We now show price reductions against all properties for sale on the website.

You do not need to install any software to use this, simply visit

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How to troubleshoot Property-Bee

  • 1. Uninstall Property-Bee (FAQs)
  • 2. Make sure you are using Firefox version 56 (FAQs)
  • 3. Re-install Property-Bee