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Woohoo, property-bee is back

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Woohoo, property-bee is back

Postby Beerhunter on Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:00 am

Firstly many thanks to Claremac, Dreaded_Estate, illumination, libitina, riad, rpp007, s-p, speakers and Squidward for their help in getting out, without you guys I don't think property-bee (and I) would be back on our feet, thank you so much! is mainly a fix to get the toolbar up and running again, however there is new functionality as it also supports too (as well as all the original sites).

For details of the changes in this version see here.

Finally if you like property bee, could you nominate us in the Mashable Open Web Awards please, see the banner/link at the top of this page.

Thanks BH and everyone who worked on this release.
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