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Donations to pay for hosting

Postby Beerhunter on Tue Nov 15, 2011 10:31 pm

Whilst updating the site last Wednesday (see here and here) I thought I'd add a gentle reminder on the front page that we have a hosting bill in about 6 weeks (this is very organised for me... normally its a week before, if not later!)

(Un)fortunately I got dstract by a very import test at a customer site over the weekend and came back expecting to have to chase people up over the coming weeks... but how wrong I was :shock:

A very big thank you to the 74 people that have donated in the past week to pay our hosting bill.... thanks to them and the others that donated before this week, we have enough to pay the hosting bill from Dec '11 to Jun '12... and well on the way to raising enough to pay Jun '12 to Dec '12 as well :D

Thanks again to everyone, and for those of you that haven't donated you can still do so via the donate link above.

Don't forget our thread Has property-bee helped you?, as it would be really good to hear some of your experiences of how property bee helped you find your perfect home.

Also don't forget to vote in our poll What would make you visit more often?, the results of which may very well shape what we do over the coming year.....

BH and everyone at
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