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Answers to common questions

PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:23 pm
by Beerhunter
There are a few questions the crop up often, so rather than answering them each and every time.

Ways to follow what is happening with property-bee

  • This forum. If you have registered to work in a bee with the property-bee toolbar, the same username and password allows you to log in post messages here.
  • Twitter. We are on twitter as @propertybee, and although not monitored as much as the forums, we do provide tweets for each new forum post / news item or toolbar release.
  • Facebook. There is a Property Bee Facebook group, not run by myself but by a property bee user.
  • RSS Feed. On the menu at the top, on the right is "RSS Feed" which when subscribed too (works in both Firefox and Internet Explorer) will give you a menu with links to the last 10 forum posts / news items or toolbar release.

I have posted to the forum but my post as not appeared?

Due the forum being spammed, posts from users will be placed on a moderation queue to be vetted first to make sure that they aren't spam.

As you appreciate this will mean a more work for myself and moderators, so there maybe delays in posts appearing if none of us are available to moderate. If we find it takes too long, I may ask for volunteers to help moderating

Property bee says todays date and 'initial entry' for every property, why is that?

If you don't register the toolbar will only show changes since you first looked at the property.

By registering, you gain access to the changes found by other users which include those found before you installed property bee which gives you much more information.

To register you can either do so when you first install property bee, or you can do so later by selecting "Wizard" followed by "Register to work in a bee"

I have registered but every time I use the toolbar I get "error 401"

During the installation of the toolbar, if you register to work in a bee a confirmation email will be sent to the email address gave.

If you received the email (please check your spam folder as well!) click on the link within the email, this will then activate your account allow your toolbar to share information with other users.

If you did not receive the email, you can request the email to be resent.

Please do NOT try registering again, in the hope that creating another other account will get things working - it will NOT get your toolbar working as the account created when your toolbar was installed must be activated. Plus it causes both you and me grief trying to figure out which of the random half a dozen accounts you have created is the real one. Instead please email me with the username and email address you registered with (your username should be displayed on the top right of the toolbar) to the address at the end of this post.

If you email from the same email address you registered with, then I will generally activate your account for you, otherwise I will correct any typos in the email address and resend the confirmation email.

It would be really good if you could support this property site

There are lots of property sites out there, and I can't support them all (after all I have a day job too) however there are things you can do to influence me ;)

  • If your an owner of a property site, then email at the address below. In return for supporting your site I would hope you would make small donation to help pay the hosting costs of
  • If there is demand from lots of people. The more people who want to use property-bee on a given property site, the more likely the site will be supported... so if you can show there is demand, the higher up the list it will get!

What is the history of property-bee?

property-bee was conceived by me (beerhunter) an the beginning of 2008 as a New Years resolution (I have lots of ideas, just never carry them though, so the New Years resolution was to take one idea and make it publicly available!)

Initially the toolbar was posted on where it received a rapturous response, so much so that on 23rd January 2008, it gained its own website and it's own name... Property Bee.

By the way 'Bee' doesn't refer to the insect, but the American usage;

The term 'bee' has been used in the USA with the meaning of 'gathering', either for work, pleasure or competition, since the mid 18th century. The first such usage was the name 'spinning-bee', as in this example from The Boston Gazette, 1769:

"Last Thursday about twenty young Ladies met at the house of Mr. L. on purpose for a Spinning Match; (or what is called in the Country a Bee)."

Bees got their name by quite a roundabout route. The Middle English word for a prayer was a 'bene', from which we derive words like 'benefit'. This migrated to 'boon', with the meaning of 'a favour granted'. The English Dialect Dictionary, 1905, records the country term 'boon' as meaning "voluntary help, given to a farmer by his neighbours, in time of harvest, haymaking, etc".

Migrants from England to the USA would have taken the term 'boon', which was also spelled 'been' or 'bean', with them. Communal activities were an essential ingredient of survival in frontier America and the word would certainly have been called on there. The imagery of the social and industrious nature of bees was sufficient to change 'beens' into 'bees'.

Many of the activities where people congregated to undertake communal work became known as bees of one sort or another - 'husking-bees', 'quilting-bees', 'barn-raising-bees'. A less pleasant form of assembly was the hanging or lynching bee. A reference to such was made in The Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel in August 1874. The paper reported a story of an incident in Maysville, Indiana, in which a case of mistaken identity almost resulted in a lynching:

"And he came very near being the chief attraction at a Lynching Bee."

The best-known 'bee', and the one that remains in common use, is the 'spelling bee'. Such events were originally called simply 'spelling-matches' but, being social gatherings, they came to be referred to as 'spelling-bees' by the early 19th century. The first reference I can find to the expression 'spelling-bee' in print is in The Knickerbocker, or New-York Monthly Magazine, April 1850:

"Those who have attended a 'spelling-bee' - and what reader who ever went to a district-school in the country but has attended them?"

It is clear that the term was well-established by 1850, as the citation suggests that the tests had then been in use for some years.

I think I've found a bug!

In that case,

First check the known bugs list if its there we already know about it, however in some cases additional information can help us!

Otherwise feel free to start a new thread in this forum and tell me about it however please do not post "my property bee doesn't work", I'm not clairvoyant!

Instead post as much information as you can including;

  • The username the toolbar is registered with (this will be displayed on the far right of the toolbar)
  • If displayed, the exact error message.. it may not mean much to you but it will help me!
  • If possible how to reproduce the error
  • Any urls that property-bee doesn't work with
  • The version of firefox (Help > About Firefox)
  • The version of property-bee (Tools > Add-ons)
  • Whether you are using XP, Vista, Mac, Linux etc
  • Any other firefox add-ons you have installed (Tools > Add-ons)

If you provide the above, it makes my life easier and you are more likely to get a response or fix!

Why can't I PM (Private message) anyone?

The forum software provides the ability to send provate messages, however due to spammers this functionality is disabled for all new users. Once the system knows your a real user and not a spammer (I can't say how it works this out for obvious reasons!), you will automatically gain the ability to send and receive PMs.


You can contact me, either via posting on this forum or emailing me at the following address;
contact.png (1.6 KiB) Viewed 76428 times

Please note there are approx 20,000 users and only one of me, so sometimes it may take a few days for me to get round to answering your question.


Re: Answers to common questions

PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:17 am
by ryanstevens7

property bee is loaded on my pc but only shows the entries from the date i installed it, not any further back. is there a setting i need to change?


Re: Answers to common questions

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:08 am
by Beerhunter
ryanstevens7 wrote:hi

property bee is loaded on my pc but only shows the entries from the date i installed it, not any further back. is there a setting i need to change?


I've updated the first post in this thread, see "Property bee says todays date and 'initial entry' for every property, why is that?"