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The waiting game

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The waiting game

Postby Releashi on Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:21 pm

Firstly thanks property bee you've been amazingly helpful.

After looking since July 2011 in Brighton and a few abortive offers that we ended up withdrawing we've found a place we really want. It was listed originally 155-175000 on all the property websites and still is on most but after we put in an offer of 165,000 (my over excitable other half went from 160,000 without me even seeing the place and now isn't allowed to talk to the estate agents) they've decided they won't take below 170,000 and changed the listing on just one site to 165,000-185,000. We've waited a couple of weeks since our offer hoping that they will either come down to meet us or even change their minds but so far no joy although I've not actually rung the estate agents since I figure if anything had changed they would ring us.

Firstly I honestly don't understand these ranges and anyone's explanation would really help, secondly since they've been no bigger offers than ours should we wait or put up our offer? I know ultimately only we can decide but this is our first time at this and we're excited about the place but I don't know if they are just pushing us because of the initial over enthusiasm especially with the changing of the asking price ranges etc...
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Re: The waiting game

Postby needle on Tue Mar 06, 2012 5:56 pm

Have you made an offer in writing for the £165k?

If so, ring the agent and ask them to resubmit it.

If not, put your offer in at 165k and deliver it by hand or send it by registered post.

Sounds to me like they got the right price from the wrong person.

Another suggestion is to get someones email address at the agency - not "". or similar.
If you have any questions send an email to the main 'enquires' address but BCC it and send it to John too.
Theres a good chance you'll get two replies with different information in both.
Its vital that you BCC both of them so neither know the other is receiving/replying.

Send your query about your previous offer like this or even at different times to different addresses.
If you get contrary information you know they're lying .....
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Re: The waiting game

Postby Releashi on Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:05 am

Thanks! It turns out the person we were dealing with has left the company last week so it is possible that had something to do with all the messing about since they must have been planning to leave for some time.

I will do as you suggest though and make sure the offer is in writing and go from there, although I'm pretty sure two members of staff new about the offer I don't know if both had contact with the vendor.
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Re: The waiting game

Postby Bonniecat on Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:32 pm

If I really wanted that property and hadn't had any luck from the agents - I would go to the address and post a letter through their door with your offer, your name and your phone number.
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Re: The waiting game

Postby hworks on Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:15 am

You seem a little naive about estate agents. We deal with them day in day out. We buy property at discounts from 15-30% from estate agents and private individuals direct.

1) anything an estate agent puts up on their site including SSTC! means nothing unless its true - and the only way to find out is to verify that. We never believe anything unless we can verify it!
2) Estate Agents (EAs) generally don't tell the truth.
3) Always make sure the EA knows you are a proceedable buyer with mortgage decision in principle and deposit in place - talk about this with the agent before you put an offer in and guess what? you go to front of the credibility queue!
4) Always check on rightmove/ what the previous reported sold price and date is for proeprty or if not available, nearby similar property. Discuss this with agent - what do you get - more credibility.
5) Make sure you find a similar property on with another agent and tell this agent your wife wants to put an offer on other one - use scarcity against the agent instead of vica versa
6) buying a property is all about the vendor. I dont view a property unless the agent tells me about the vendor situation. If you put in an offer - a) give EA time limit to submit offer and get reply from vendor, 2) grill the EA on exactly what the vendor reply was and why. ask and ask and ask.

7) Don't assume anything is true or fluffy in the world of buying houses.

Want more info on how to buy or any other advice property wise email Simon

Best of luck and keep your bids low!
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