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Submitting an offer

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Submitting an offer

Postby leecyloo on Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:26 pm


Wondering if anyone can help please. We are very interested in a property that we have just had a second viewing on, it is up for £179,950 however it has only been up for a few weeks. The vendor has said that they sold the property last year however due to a chain the house sale fell through. They have also said that they are in no hurry to sell and that the original person is still very interested in the house however still has not sold their house.

We are due to rent our house out and are in the very lucky position in that we have enough cash for the deposit. Can anyone help as to

A) Is there anyway to see how much the fallen house sale was for?
B) How much should we go in with an offer for?

Any suggestions will be greatfully apprciated.

Thank you
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