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Feature Request - Hide/Minimise

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Feature Request - Hide/Minimise

Postby Iain-F on Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:40 pm

I have just installed Property Bee and the toolbar is happily sitting at the top of my Firefox window - in EVERY window, in EVERY tab. I use Firefox for a heck of a lot of things, not just property search, and I hate having stuff that I don't need right now filling up my valuable screen real-estate and cluttering my user interface.

Screens cost way more per-square-inch than houses do, even houses in central London.

I've looked for a way to minimise the toolbar, or hide it - I've found none. Apparently I can't quit it without Firefox re-starting.

This behaviour is of no use to me whatsoever. I'll be uninstalling it soon, even if it is fantastically good at what its designed for. I simply can't tolerate that much screen area being wasted by a toolbar, unless its a toolbar I'll be using (at least) daily, and I don't do property search daily - weekly at most. There needs to be a simple, easy way to minimise it or hide it when its not needed, and bring it back up when it is needed. That, or the ability to simply and cleanly quit it without all of the restarting Firefox malarkey.

Nice try, but, in my opinion, only for people who don't use Firefox for anything much other than property searching.
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Re: Feature Request - Hide/Minimise

Postby horza on Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:49 pm

right click in the top bar of browser window, untick property bee then continue. When you want it again, just tick it again.

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